Fascinators For Race Day – Popular Hat Styles For 2017

Fascinators and hats have a common phenomenon in racing carnivals in Australia. Over the years, the designs of these accessories have changed with upcoming designer pushing the boundaries further for uniqueness. With the wide range of hats and fascinators, it can be a little bit frustrating to choose the right one for the event.  But worry no more! We’ve rounded up come of the popular racing carnivals hats’ from famous designers. The 2017 trending fashion headgear is the perfect guide for your closet.

Hat Fashion Trend for 2017

Black Large Brim Ladies Hat (S152B)

If you’re looking for headwear that will pull off a classic look with different types of outfits, then this is the ideal choice for you. Custom made for ladies; the hat is part of the latest spring racing collection boasting race day fascinators that are trending like crazy. It’s made from finest material and features a wide soft brim to protect you from the direct sunlight. It’s a design of The Fillies Collection, and you can order any other colour that matches your outfit.

Abigail Boater

Abigail Boater Race HatsYou will love the originality that Abigail Boater brings to the fashion industry. What makes it popular is its flexibility particularly with a range of outfits but mostly with an all-black outfit. It can be worn it with a dress or even with jeans if you feel like rocking in a cowgirl look or even off-the-shoulder designs. You can also add some floral features to give the fascinator touch but need to select the colours carefully. It’s a great choice for the racing day.

Cia Boater

This is another classic example of a racing day hat that you should look out for. The sense of fashion and its classy designs makes an ideal choice for a racing carnival. Made from polypropylene material, this is the kind of hat that will serve you for an extended period of time.  It’s a very versatile headwear and can be worn with a vast range of outfits.

Debra Floppy

If you’re looking for headwear that can be worn with a vast range of outfits, then Debra Floppy hat is a perfect choice. It is designed with paper braid, locally available materials, making it easily affordable. You can also add some floral features to add touch fascinator touches on this headwear. Apart from racing carnival, you can wear it for other events.

Finola Floppy

Made from sheer crinoline, this is a perfect headwear for racing day and other events. Finola Floppy is super versatile in that you can wear it with different outfits. It’s available in different colours and thus you can choose one that matches your outfit.

These hats can be found on various Australia’s online shops.


Best Trending 2017 Spring / Summer Jewellery

This year has seen numerous surprises in the fashion industry. There have been numerous unexpected trends especially when it comes to jewellery. It was unexpected that big and audacious accessories would have found their way into the spring/summer season. Who would have expected that eccentric headbands would have found their way into the runway and take over? These are some of the surprises in the fashion industry that has everyone talking about. But which are the trending spring/summer 2017 accessory? Here are some of the best trending 2017 spring/summer jewellery.

2017 Summer and Spring Jewelry Trends

1.    Chokers

ChokersIf you were worried that chokers might cease to trend anytime soon, worry no more. The jewellery is here to stay. The choker is one of the accessories that have maintained a huge demand over the period and with the coming of the summer, the trend is expected to continue. One thing that has many people going for this boho jewellery is their versatility and taste of fashion. They can be worn with any outfit including official dressing. Whenever you don’t have any solution in mind, chokers will always remain your safe heaven. This is what will make the jewellery remain trending in 2017 spring/summer.

2.    Non-Identical Earring

Gone are days when earring had to be identical- this is no longer fashion. Asymmetrical fashion is quickly becoming trendy. The trend picked up very well in the spring was the wearing of the non-identical bohemian or boho earring. The most interesting thing about this trend is its versatility and freedom that the wearers enjoy. In fact, any set of earrings that you wear as long as they are not identical, that’s fashion. The type of the earring does not matter too. Whether you go cheap and expensive, the fact they are non-identical, you are ready to go. Just make sure that the earrings are somehow different in colour to strike the contrast.

3.    One earring

If you see someone wearing one earring only, don’t be mistaken that they are missing something- this is a trend. The trend is picking very fast over the spring and is expected to continue up to summer. One earring has grown tremendously over the spring, and it’s likely to remain trendy for the remaining part of the years. But you’ve to be very smart to pull off this look. You have to select the right occasion, and the earring should somehow match with the dress. Otherwise, it is a very simple trend, and you do not need to go expensive to pull off a classy look.

4.    Pendants

Necklace PendantsPendants don’t seem to throw in the towel anytime soon. The jewellery has remained trend ever the recent years probably due to its flexibility and versatility. With pendants, you can wear them with anything including a shirt, official dressing, while going for a media interview or just hanging around with your buddies. They are available in different makes, and thus you can have a number of them- maybe of different colours or designs. The trend is expected to remain exciting over the spring/summer 2017 and probably afterwards.

5.    Upper Arm Bracelets

The entrance of the upper arm bracelets into the trending fashion industry was overwhelming, and the trend seems to be gaining momentum every day. It is expected that  jewellery continues trending for the rest of the spring and the whole of the summer. Its versatility is among the main reasons why it has remained popular and trendy over the years. It can be worn it with almost any outfit and still pull off a classic look. Just choose one that can go with most of your favourite colours.

These are some of the spring/summer 2017 pieces of jewellery that you should look for. Most of them are like to continue trending beyond 2017. For more fashion tips, go here


What’s Trending In Fashion For 2017

The year 2017 promises to be an exciting year for the fashion industry. New trends are being formed, and old trends are making a comeback. The fast-approaching Valentine’s Day is a big day for fashion. There is what will be sported by lovers as they celebrate the day. In this light, the Freedom State is an ideal choice. It offers products that are suited for all the urban and fashion conscious people of the world.

2017 Fashion Trends


Chakra NecklaceThis line of products presents an exciting array of products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Freedom State is famous for their beaded jewels that come in gold and sterling silver. This year, the products have been improved in quality and expanded in variety. Now, there are many more different ways available for lovers.

For some years now, Chakra Necklaces from The Freedom State have been a favourite fashion accessory for Valentine’s Day. This year, they have been boosted by the addition of Chakra Bracelets. The advantage of these is that the two can now be bought and worn to match. Matching them gives the wearer a luxurious and classy look.

Fashion, like history, repeats itself. This statement is seen as true from the popularity of Vanessa Mooney Chockers. These were the vogue in the 90s, but now they are back in the stores. They give the wearer a feel of class just what is needed for valentines. This fashion house, cognizant of the chic trends that are currently the vogue, has gone out of its way to provide these chokers for customers who love 90s chic.


The clothing collection consists of what is fashionable for all seasons. The return of the90’s fashion is not only in the jewellery; it is also in the denim. To cater for those who love these styles, the Freedom State offers all customers the freedom of choice.

There are high-waist Levi’s jeans and oversized denim jackets christened boyfriend. To cap it all, the store has for its shopper’s velvet bodysuits they are perfect for sports and for other forms of leisure. The summer collection has in it a fair bit of gypsy influence. The clothes therein are designed not only for beauty but also for freedom.

Winter does not have to be a fashion desert. Bomber jackets that keep the wearers warm are available in print, satin, floral or embroidered. These different prints give the buyer a variety to pick from.


Straw HatsThe store offers a variety of hats. These include straw hats. Straw hats are increasing in popularity. They are specially made for use on the beach. There are other head clothes like women’s head scarfs that are specifically designed to accentuate the beauty of the clothes worn. Knit headbands are also available in many colours.

While there is a wide variety of clothes in this fashion line, many of the items are designed for the fun-loving. The company offers free shipping on all purchases of over $100 in the domestic market. It stocks clothing that is within its line of specialty from different designers including the Bandit Brand, Boheme Australia, Free People and many more. The decision on what will get into the store is determined by how high on the ethereal scale the item of clothing goes. The apparel range gives fashion choices to the bold and the sensitive.


Women Ski Fashion for the 2017 Season

When skiing, it is imperative to keep yourself warm to prevent muscle and joint injuries. Manufacturing companies have been working on developing a women skiing attire that is tailored to make the game more enjoyable and comfortable for all no matter the skill level.

Here are some of the top women ski fashion for 2017 that you can invest in today at an affordable price.

Marker Morning Star Ski Pants

These elegant pants are made by Marker and are tailored to spice up your skiing expedition with fun and comfort. They are made from super weatherproof material that is tested before being used in the manufacturing process to ensure customers get value for their money. The developers went an extra mile to add thigh vents to facilitate smooth inflow and outflow of air as you slide down the hill. As if that is not enough, they have include a Velcro adjustable waste and articulated knees to give users maximum comfort.

Columbia Back Up Ski Pants

Columbia Back Up Ski PantsIf you love skiing in Columbia, these pants will come in handy, but they can be used virtually anywhere in the world. One of the highlights is the Omni-Heat thermal insulation that is designed to keep you warm by generating heat. They also have seam-sealed waterproofing locks that helps to keep the insulation intact. Despite the many features, this attire will not make a big dent in your wallet, as they are fairly priced and available in leading online stores such as Amazon.

Skea Fleece Backed Class Ski Pants

These classic black ski pants blend perfectly with most ski jackets in the market today. Apart from being versatile, they are made from high quality material that is durable and enough to keep you warm. By purchasing them, you will save money and time that you would have otherwise spent purchasing several pants every season.

Spyder Winner Ski Pants

Spyder Winner Ski PantsAs the name suggests, these ski pants are tough and worth every dime. To suit the diverse clients’ preferences, they are available in red, pink, lime green, black, and white colours. This makes it utterly easy to match them with various ski jackets. The developers also went an extra mile to develop Spyder’s unique dependable ThermaWeb insulation to keep you warm. The material is waterproof so your skin will never be exposed to water during and after skiing. Another major attribute is that it has stretch polyester shell that make it possible for one to move in multiple directions easily.

Columbia Bugaboo Jacket

When going out, you need a comfortable and warm jacket to keep you warm. This advanced ski jacket comes with a waterproof outer shell that is seam sealed to give you maximum protection from various harsh outdoor weather conditions. During cold days, its insulated interior liner can be zipped up and down during warm weather. The design has a feminine fit to flatter your body figure.

L.L Bean Winter Warmer Jacket

L.L Bean Winter Warmer JacketIf you only hit the slopes once or twice every season, this jacket is a perfect choice for you, as you will not have to break the bank. Unlike the previous jacket, it has a relatively basic design and the material is enough to keep you dry and warm during winter. The design is ideal for outdoor temperatures ranging between -25 F and 25 F.

Obermey Tuscany Jacket

The touch of fur is one of the attributes that make it stand out from other conventional ski jackets in the market. In fact, most people confuse it for a cute little ski coat, but its performance surely outweigh its functionalism. The material is sturdy enough to withstand any rough trail and is available in multiple colours. In addition, the material is not only breathable but also waterproof. The insulation will give you superior protection against cold weather and complement your feminine body figure.

Patagonia Women’s Powder Bowl Jacket

Patagonia Women’s Powder Bowl JacketThis is one of the superior ski jackets in the market today for the 2017 skiing season. Its versatile hard shell is made with Gore-Tex performance shell technology that’s comprised of two layers, Gore-Tex membrane and durable polyester fabric. The material is waterproof and breathable, and the hood can accommodate most helmets. Unlike other jackets, the insulation technology will not overburden you when the sun comes out.

Purchase any of the above ski fashion attire today to revitalize your skiing expedition. Purchase it from accredited stores and be on the look for discounts that you can take advantage of to save money.


Fashion Savvy Meets Tech Savvy

With this new day and age, everything can be found and bought with just a few swipes and clicks on the iPhone. So grab your iPhones and get ready to update your apps list and wardrobe using these great new applications:

  1. PS Dept

    We can’t all have a personal stylist on speed dial, but if you download PS Dept, you can have a personal fashion consultant that would provide you with an array of selections to choose from. The apps stylist list of partners include Chloe, Net-A-Porter, Stella McCartney and Derek Lam. Once you have the outfit you want, you can buy it directly using the app itself.

  2. Mallzee AppMallzee

    If Tinder can get you the perfect match, then Mallzee can give you the perfect outfit. Simply swipe and choose from the various catalogues of top fashion brands. The app would even let you label them under set categories for future reference. Another interesting feature is that Mallzee would update you of any price changes or mark downs.

  3. Like to Know It

    Imagine having your own personal online shopper who caters to your every whim and fancy. Like To Know It tracks your activities on Instagram and instantly delivers the ready-to-shop product link to your email.

  4. Spring Fashion AppSpring

    Spring is unlike any other shopping app. Its start at stardom began in 2014 and it has been getting more and more updates ever since. Spring has over eight fashion brands as partners under its belt and has a secure and reliable system that saves credit card information, shipping and size.

  5. Stylect

    This fashion app is specifically for shoe aficionados out there. It works like Tinder and has over fifty thousand shoe styles to choose from. You can filter your search based on color, price or style. You can even make a wish list and purchase selected items directly through the application itself.

All of these fashion apps would instantly make any fashionistas dreams come true.  So grab your iPhone and have your credit card at the ready for the shopping splurge of a lifetime!

Women’s Pants Styling Tips

If you want to achieve an elegant or professional look, pants are the best choice to give you that perfectly refined look. Pants are your wardrobe indispensables and handy when you really want to change your look.

black pants for workSome tops look fabulous with pants as compared to jeans creating a unique and sophisticated look. There are many different pant designs available in the market so it’s important for you to select the one that suits your body shape.

Some of the more famous pant styles available in the market are tapered, skinny, boot cut, straight, wild leg, and bell bottomed. Women can easily choose one of these cuts as per their style and body shape. The right style and right fit are two essential factors which you need to keep in mind before you buy pants to complete your professional look.

brown-pantsThere are some more uptight companies with dress codes that do not allow their associates to wear casual pants. Therefore, in order to achieve that professional look you need to wear pants That are tailored, well made, and of course, professional looking. For the love of God, No Jeggings!

If you have an hourglass body shape, you must learn how to hide curvy hips. You can go for wide or flare cut pants. You can also go for boot cut pants, which will help you to hide your curvy hips. If you are comfortable with your curves then you can also go for skinny or straight leg pants. If you’ve got it flaunt it right!

casual-pants-blackWomen with a pear body shape need to balance their legs, thighs and hips. Some of the best pant styles for pear body shaped women are straight pants. You can also go for boot cut shaped pants.

Those of you with an Inverted triangle body shape should focus on picking pants which are helpful in volumizing the hip area, and drawing less attention to shoulder area. It is important to note that the pear body shapers among us should avoid skinny and tapered pants.

white-pantsApple shaped women should wear pants which are helpful in filling out the legs and hip area. This is helpful in drawing attention of the viewer from your midsection, which if we’re being honest may not be your favourite area of your body anyway!

Rectangular shaped women should focus on creating curves. Luckily you can wear almost all type of pants. Some of the best-featured pants for rectangular body shaped women are tapered or skinny leg pants.

It really is easy with a little bit of foresight to find the right set of pants to match your body shape! If you feel you need to do a bit more research, check out this handy guide from Harpers Bazaar. Remember don’t rush and buy the first thing you see, and always try them on to ensure your comfortable in them before you part with your hard earned cash!


5 Easy & Stylish Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having long hair is always fun since there are so many styles that one can do to spruce it up. It’s a woman’s crowning glory and the way it is styled has to match the overall look. There are several cases, however, when one simply doesn’t have the time it would take to pull off a formal look. We spoke with Paulina de los Reyes this week about the latest trends in hair and make-up she has seen coming through her Melbourne salon.

So armed with the latest trends straight from one of Melbourne’s most renowned beauty institutions, we will be talking about five easy and stylish hairstyles for long hair that would be suitable for everyday wear and even for some formal events like weddings or prom.

Boho Style Hair

Beach Hippie

The Beach Hippie look can be pulled off by anyone who just got out of bed. The important part here is that the hair is dry. You’ll need a couple of large bobby pins, a curling iron, shine spray and light hold spray.

Once you have everything ready, flip your hair over your face and spray on some hairspray and then flip it back. Spray on some hairspray on that side as well. Finger-tousle your hair until the spray dries. Next, gather your bang-hair area and use bobby pins to get it out of the way as you style the rest of your hair. Curl up 1-inch sections (away from your face). You’ll have to start wrapping your hair around the iron at ear level and not above it. Always remember to leave your ends out of the curling iron. Once the un-pinned area is curled, remove the bobby pins and then style the rest of your hair. Shake your hair but don’t run your fingers through them. Lastly, pin back a piece of hair on each side of your part. It doesn’t have to look neat since the idea is to achieve a very relaxed look. Need some bach hippie outfit inspo? Check out our latest blog for some stella festival fashion tips!

Curly Twist

The Curly Twist works best with hair that is relatively dry. You’ll need some bobby pins and hairspray.

You’ll start by brushing out a 2-inch wide bang section and then secure them back with two bobby pins. Loosen a bit using your fingers. Run your index finger from behind your left ear up to the crown of your head. Smoothen out this section into a low ponytail from behind your left ear. Then twist the pony twice at the back of your head. Secure the tail with bobby pins and then repeat the same process on the other side. Hold your index and middle finger under the pins you’ve just placed and roll a messy 1-inch section of hair up around your fingers until you make a coil, pin these along the same area as the pins you’ve made for the middle part of your hair. Once you’re done coiling and pinning your hair, mist it with hairspray. It’s also good to know that not all hairspray is created equal, check out this handy guide for some industry advice on the best salon hairsprays.

ponytail style for work

Stylish Pony

This kind of hairstyle is used when you’re in the middle of your work day and it’s time to really buckle down and get the job done. You want no distractions and that includes the stray strands of hair that are tickling your face.

For this style, you’ll need a headband, some hair elastics and clip. Divide your hair from ear to ear and clip that area out of the way. At the crown of your head, take a two-inch section and tease the area near your scalp to create a bouffant around the headband. Unclip the front section and smooth it back over the teased area into a low pony. Leave out a one inch section of your longest hair and secure the rest with hair elastics. Wrap the reserved hair around the elastic area and place it under the pony. Once this is all done, put on the headband.

Sleek and sassy curls

This style is a little bit tricky but can still be done in less than five minutes. It can also work on any hair length. In order to do this on your hair, you’ll need a headband, some bobby pins, curling iron and shine spray.

Simply pump up and flattened curls on top. Wrap sections of hair around the barrel of a curling iron starting at the roots. Then grab chunks of hair back, bobby pin them in place and spray. Put on a slim headband and top with shine spray.

curly bun hairstyleCurls in a bun

This style works best for women with medium length and curly hair. You’ll need a bobby pin, some hair elastics, comb, hair spray and shine serum.

Use the shine serum over the top area of hair. Ponytail the hair and smooth out any stray areas using a comb. Use bobby pins to anchor the curls to the pulled sleek area surrounding the elastic to hide it. Spray on some hairspray to finish.

Pick any of these styles and you’re sure to look absolutely fabulous on that next big event! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can share your beautifully created hairstyles!

Festival Fashion: Must Have Items For Splendour

Are you ready for the greatest music festival of the year? This coming July 24, Splendour Music festival will showcase some inspiration the following bands/artists on their stage: “Florence + The Machine”, “Mark Ronson”, “Of Monsters & Men”, “The Wombats”, “Keto”, “Tame Impala”, and “Peking Duk.” Excited? It gets better! “Flight Facilities”, “Thundamentals”, “Royal Blood”, “Death Cab For Cutien”, and “The Dandy Warhols” will be performing also. How awesome is that? But the icing on top of this sweet sundae is none other than “Blur”!

bohemian playsuitThis year’s Splendour in the grass is going to be the best one yet! It will be held from July 24th until 26th, at North Byron Parklands.

So, how does one get ready for this awesome event? By packing and preparing the right stuff of course!

First, let’s talk about what you plan on wearing. Boy or girl, the main goal here is to be comfortable. Splendour is an outdoors event filled with numerous fun filled activities and a concert filled with amazing talent. Wearing high heels, fitted dresses or long skirts aren’t advisable. Instead, opt for comfortable shirts, shorts or pants and flat footwear.

This kind of clothing style has conveniently been coined as “Festival Fashion.”

Festival Wear for women is usually composed of denim shorts, shoulder bags, chucks, and sun glasses. Some women opt to wear a floral dress if the weather permits it.Festival Fashion for men is similar to that of women, where they wear walker shorts, sleeveless muscle tees, and vulcanized sneakers.flash tattoos

Regular Festival goers have dished their trade secrets when it comes to getting ready for Splendour by listing some clothes to avoid wearing. The biggest fashion faux pas when it comes to festival wear is being overdressed or dressing up too formal. Anything white would also be a really bad idea since it is guaranteed to get dirty and you’ll probably go home with a muddied up outfit (and a potential of paying high dry cleaning ticket).

Some items we expect to be a big hit at this year’s festival are the undeniably cute playsuits and jumpsuits that are on offer from brands like Spell Designs, Free People and The Freedom State. We’re also expecting to see a lot of bohemian goddesses rocking chunky statement necklaces combined with the growing trend of flash tattoos which are a metallic finish temporary tattoo that lasts around 4-6 days (but probably 2-3 days in festival conditions). They look amazing and add an amazing sense of gypsy style to any outfit. There are a quite a few retailers selling these but the best collections we’ve seen have been at The Freedom State.

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Other than the outfit, the items that need to be packed must also be noted as an important part of preparing for the festival. Must have items are: hand sanitizers, wipes, sunnies (cheap ones!) and of course a beautiful boho bag to match the outfit! The boho bags we’re absolutely loving right now are from Lokoa. The leather festival bags in the latest collection are to die for! They combine a splash of vibrant colour with some creative fringe to give deliver a festival bag that Stevie Nicks would wrestle you for. Now these bags are leather so you should be able to keep them clean but i wouldn’t go jumping in mud puddles with your new Lokoa handbag at $150.00 thank you very much!

Once you have your outfit and bag ready, the only thing left to prepare is to amp up your get happy and go crazy attitude – then you’re all set! Enjoy!


Fashion in Focus: Denim Jeans

The world of fashion is continuously evolving. Yet in the eyes of many, including the fashion-conscious wearer, there is one piece of western clothing that never seems to go out of style. This item is referred to by numerous names including denims and jeans, and sometimes even named purely based on the brand name that it carries. Regardless of the names, style or hue; jeans are a reliable and versatile fashion item that can be made to work with for almost any occasion.

These beloved denim pants also happen to look good on both men and women. They make them the perfect unisex attire, and some styles are even designed to be worn by both sexes. In the world of high fashion however, jeans are more closely associated with the ladies especially since women’s jeans are manufactured to fit tightly on the female body, showing off the curves.

a selection of designer jeans

Jeans are often considered an American fashion icon, even though they were not originally produced in North America. The common belief is that denims were initially made of fabric traced to a town in France called Nimmes. The French phrase ‘serge de Nimmes’ is translated to mean ‘of Nimmes’ or ‘from Nimmes’ which was eventually shortened to denim.

Owing to its durable and rugged properties, jeans became a preferred attire of people involved in manual labor. Typically, these included farmers and those working for railroad companies. In time, cowboys also adopted the use of denims as part of their commonly-worn attire.

More recently jeans became associated with teenagers as they found them the ideal get-up to underscore their rebellious nature. In the 70s, however, jeans experimentation started as designers played with them by coming up with different styles using a variety of treatments. This experimentation continued until the 80s when clothing designers came up with the idea of modifying jeans, and started experimenting with variations on the classic styling.

The man who made the most significant contribution to the evolution of denim pants as designer clothing is Levi Strauss. Through his design, the term ‘jeans’ was coined, and he effectively brought denim pants to greater fashion heights. Prior to his entry in the fashion scene, jeans were more commonly known as ‘overalls’.

a range of coloured ladies jeansThe basic design of denim pants has hardly undergone any major change since it was first introduced. The only exception is with regard to the color with the first pair originally sporting a bluish shade. These days, jeans come in a wide range of hues with many companies making variations on the original blue denim version.

A few designers in the world of western fashion tend to disregard the enduring popularity of jeans. However, a number of them actually believe that denims are great fashion attires owing to their sturdy fabric and are actively promoting them when presenting their creations on the catwalk.

Surprisingly, even as jeans are still among the major clothing items in the world of western fashion, attempts at finding the perfect pair have been rather difficult to say the least. This unexplained mystery in denim pants is seen as another reason jeans have remained popular not only in the fashion industry but also in the public consciousness. While different colours and styles will come and go, jeans have become a staple of the fashion industry and with their unwavering popularity and versatility, we can’t imagine this changing anytime soon.

Trends in Fashion – Autumn ’15

The trending dress styles for women in 2015 appear to be quite numerous. This should be seen as good news especially for the ladies who want to appear highly-stylish, but like to mix up their wardrobe on a daily basis. These fashionistas will have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to dressing up this season.

military-influences dresses are in vogue this seasonOf the many fashion styles that have recently sprung onto the scene, a standout theme we have notices is a touch of military influence. This came in vogue during the winter-spring collections in the northern hemisphere and we expect it will influence Australia later this year. These designs while not entirely strict or formal, instead focus more on the relaxed or informal side such that cropped trousers can be worn alongside a generally silky shirt with a few sparkles here and there. The colouring and influence from army styles has even crossed over into the more feminine pieces such as skirts and dresses with splashes of khaki and military style belts to match.

Speaking of sparkles, it is interesting to note that as they re-enter the fashion scene this year, their best representative is the sequins. Nevertheless, the use of sequins remains generally limited, with their presence being more complimentary to other designs cues rather than a focal point. In order to underscore their presence on your shirt this season, they should be topped by denim jackets. Denim is a mainstay of the fashion industry and fluctuates in its popular use by the main fashion houses on a yearly basis.

demin over sequinsTailored tuxedos are also making a comeback this year. Just like the relaxed military styles, the emerging tuxedos for women is spin off from male oriented designs. Androgyny appears to be an emphasis for some fashion designers this year such that what has been traditionally male-dominated attire is now being promoted for use by the fashion-conscious woman.

Additionally, there is an obviously growing emphasis on clothing styles belonging to the 60s and the 70s, especially during the spring season. Given this, the use of a tuxedo suit has to be more glamorous than what one might envision. In order to achieve the need for more style in the suit, sequined touches and patterns have been showcased even as the chic and block versions remain highly popular.

a gypsy style floral dressIn line with the emphasis on 60s-70s clothing, flower power is likewise staging a grand comeback. This connects well with a growing trend for bohemain and gypsy influenced fashion especially relating to maxi dresses and festival fashion. Boho labels like Stevie May, Spell Designs, Free People and Arnhem Clothing are all getting in on the colourful and vibrant theme with their 2015 range. The general recommendation from fashion experts is to settle for a single outstanding floral design and taper this off by pairing it with a milder piece of clothing. Bohemian fashionistas are able to search through all the latest designs in gypsy and bohemian dresses here.

A date with history in the fashion world is evidently going to last at least for the rest of autumn as beaded skirts are also finding their way back onto the scene. Complementing these are organza capes with heavy glints, both of which date back to the Romanticism period.

For the upcoming winter season, the emphasis on androgynous and military attire at one end of the spectrum, and overt femininity at the other seems likely. Things will surely shift as the colder months pass, and spring fashion comes into play, and we’re just as excited as you are to see what all of our talented designers will come up with next!

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