Fashion in Focus: Denim Jeans

The world of fashion is continuously evolving. Yet in the eyes of many, including the fashion-conscious wearer, there is one piece of western clothing that never seems to go out of style. This item is referred to by numerous names including denims and jeans, and sometimes even named purely based on the brand name that it carries. Regardless of the names, style or hue; jeans are a reliable and versatile fashion item that can be made to work with for almost any occasion.

These beloved denim pants also happen to look good on both men and women. They make them the perfect unisex attire, and some styles are even designed to be worn by both sexes. In the world of high fashion however, jeans are more closely associated with the ladies especially since women’s jeans are manufactured to fit tightly on the female body, showing off the curves.

a selection of designer jeans

Jeans are often considered an American fashion icon, even though they were not originally produced in North America. The common belief is that denims were initially made of fabric traced to a town in France called Nimmes. The French phrase ‘serge de Nimmes’ is translated to mean ‘of Nimmes’ or ‘from Nimmes’ which was eventually shortened to denim.

Owing to its durable and rugged properties, jeans became a preferred attire of people involved in manual labor. Typically, these included farmers and those working for railroad companies. In time, cowboys also adopted the use of denims as part of their commonly-worn attire.

More recently jeans became associated with teenagers as they found them the ideal get-up to underscore their rebellious nature. In the 70s, however, jeans experimentation started as designers played with them by coming up with different styles using a variety of treatments. This experimentation continued until the 80s when clothing designers came up with the idea of modifying jeans, and started experimenting with variations on the classic styling.

The man who made the most significant contribution to the evolution of denim pants as designer clothing is Levi Strauss. Through his design, the term ‘jeans’ was coined, and he effectively brought denim pants to greater fashion heights. Prior to his entry in the fashion scene, jeans were more commonly known as ‘overalls’.

a range of coloured ladies jeansThe basic design of denim pants has hardly undergone any major change since it was first introduced. The only exception is with regard to the color with the first pair originally sporting a bluish shade. These days, jeans come in a wide range of hues with many companies making variations on the original blue denim version.

A few designers in the world of western fashion tend to disregard the enduring popularity of jeans. However, a number of them actually believe that denims are great fashion attires owing to their sturdy fabric and are actively promoting them when presenting their creations on the catwalk.

Surprisingly, even as jeans are still among the major clothing items in the world of western fashion, attempts at finding the perfect pair have been rather difficult to say the least. This unexplained mystery in denim pants is seen as another reason jeans have remained popular not only in the fashion industry but also in the public consciousness. While different colours and styles will come and go, jeans have become a staple of the fashion industry and with their unwavering popularity and versatility, we can’t imagine this changing anytime soon.

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