Festival Fashion: Must Have Items For Splendour

Are you ready for the greatest music festival of the year? This coming July 24, Splendour Music festival will showcase some inspiration the following bands/artists on their stage: “Florence + The Machine”, “Mark Ronson”, “Of Monsters & Men”, “The Wombats”, “Keto”, “Tame Impala”, and “Peking Duk.” Excited? It gets better! “Flight Facilities”, “Thundamentals”, “Royal Blood”, “Death Cab For Cutien”, and “The Dandy Warhols” will be performing also. How awesome is that? But the icing on top of this sweet sundae is none other than “Blur”!

bohemian playsuitThis year’s Splendour in the grass is going to be the best one yet! It will be held from July 24th until 26th, at North Byron Parklands.

So, how does one get ready for this awesome event? By packing and preparing the right stuff of course!

First, let’s talk about what you plan on wearing. Boy or girl, the main goal here is to be comfortable. Splendour is an outdoors event filled with numerous fun filled activities and a concert filled with amazing talent. Wearing high heels, fitted dresses or long skirts aren’t advisable. Instead, opt for comfortable shirts, shorts or pants and flat footwear.

This kind of clothing style has conveniently been coined as “Festival Fashion.”

Festival Wear for women is usually composed of denim shorts, shoulder bags, chucks, and sun glasses. Some women opt to wear a floral dress if the weather permits it.Festival Fashion for men is similar to that of women, where they wear walker shorts, sleeveless muscle tees, and vulcanized sneakers.flash tattoos

Regular Festival goers have dished their trade secrets when it comes to getting ready for Splendour by listing some clothes to avoid wearing. The biggest fashion faux pas when it comes to festival wear is being overdressed or dressing up too formal. Anything white would also be a really bad idea since it is guaranteed to get dirty and you’ll probably go home with a muddied up outfit (and a potential of paying high dry cleaning ticket).

Some items we expect to be a big hit at this year’s festival are the undeniably cute playsuits and jumpsuits that are on offer from brands like Spell Designs, Free People and The Freedom State. We’re also expecting to see a lot of bohemian goddesses rocking chunky statement necklaces combined with the growing trend of flash tattoos which are a metallic finish temporary tattoo that lasts around 4-6 days (but probably 2-3 days in festival conditions). They look amazing and add an amazing sense of gypsy style to any outfit. There are a quite a few retailers selling these but the best collections we’ve seen have been at The Freedom State.

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Other than the outfit, the items that need to be packed must also be noted as an important part of preparing for the festival. Must have items are: hand sanitizers, wipes, sunnies (cheap ones!) and of course a beautiful boho bag to match the outfit! The boho bags we’re absolutely loving right now are from Lokoa. The leather festival bags in the latest collection are to die for! They combine a splash of vibrant colour with some creative fringe to give deliver a festival bag that Stevie Nicks would wrestle you for. Now these bags are leather so you should be able to keep them clean but i wouldn’t go jumping in mud puddles with your new Lokoa handbag at $150.00 thank you very much!

Once you have your outfit and bag ready, the only thing left to prepare is to amp up your get happy and go crazy attitude – then you’re all set! Enjoy!


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