Best Trending 2017 Spring / Summer Jewellery

This year has seen numerous surprises in the fashion industry. There have been numerous unexpected trends especially when it comes to jewellery. It was unexpected that big and audacious accessories would have found their way into the spring/summer season. Who would have expected that eccentric headbands would have found their way into the runway and take over? These are some of the surprises in the fashion industry that has everyone talking about. But which are the trending spring/summer 2017 accessory? Here are some of the best trending 2017 spring/summer jewellery.

2017 Summer and Spring Jewelry Trends

1.    Chokers

ChokersIf you were worried that chokers might cease to trend anytime soon, worry no more. The jewellery is here to stay. The choker is one of the accessories that have maintained a huge demand over the period and with the coming of the summer, the trend is expected to continue. One thing that has many people going for this boho jewellery is their versatility and taste of fashion. They can be worn with any outfit including official dressing. Whenever you don’t have any solution in mind, chokers will always remain your safe heaven. This is what will make the jewellery remain trending in 2017 spring/summer.

2.    Non-Identical Earring

Gone are days when earring had to be identical- this is no longer fashion. Asymmetrical fashion is quickly becoming trendy. The trend picked up very well in the spring was the wearing of the non-identical bohemian or boho earring. The most interesting thing about this trend is its versatility and freedom that the wearers enjoy. In fact, any set of earrings that you wear as long as they are not identical, that’s fashion. The type of the earring does not matter too. Whether you go cheap and expensive, the fact they are non-identical, you are ready to go. Just make sure that the earrings are somehow different in colour to strike the contrast.

3.    One earring

If you see someone wearing one earring only, don’t be mistaken that they are missing something- this is a trend. The trend is picking very fast over the spring and is expected to continue up to summer. One earring has grown tremendously over the spring, and it’s likely to remain trendy for the remaining part of the years. But you’ve to be very smart to pull off this look. You have to select the right occasion, and the earring should somehow match with the dress. Otherwise, it is a very simple trend, and you do not need to go expensive to pull off a classy look.

4.    Pendants

Necklace PendantsPendants don’t seem to throw in the towel anytime soon. The jewellery has remained trend ever the recent years probably due to its flexibility and versatility. With pendants, you can wear them with anything including a shirt, official dressing, while going for a media interview or just hanging around with your buddies. They are available in different makes, and thus you can have a number of them- maybe of different colours or designs. The trend is expected to remain exciting over the spring/summer 2017 and probably afterwards.

5.    Upper Arm Bracelets

The entrance of the upper arm bracelets into the trending fashion industry was overwhelming, and the trend seems to be gaining momentum every day. It is expected that  jewellery continues trending for the rest of the spring and the whole of the summer. Its versatility is among the main reasons why it has remained popular and trendy over the years. It can be worn it with almost any outfit and still pull off a classic look. Just choose one that can go with most of your favourite colours.

These are some of the spring/summer 2017 pieces of jewellery that you should look for. Most of them are like to continue trending beyond 2017. For more fashion tips, go here

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