Trends in Fashion – Autumn ’15

The trending dress styles for women in 2015 appear to be quite numerous. This should be seen as good news especially for the ladies who want to appear highly-stylish, but like to mix up their wardrobe on a daily basis. These fashionistas will have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to dressing up this season.

military-influences dresses are in vogue this seasonOf the many fashion styles that have recently sprung onto the scene, a standout theme we have notices is a touch of military influence. This came in vogue during the winter-spring collections in the northern hemisphere and we expect it will influence Australia later this year. These designs while not entirely strict or formal, instead focus more on the relaxed or informal side such that cropped trousers can be worn alongside a generally silky shirt with a few sparkles here and there. The colouring and influence from army styles has even crossed over into the more feminine pieces such as skirts and dresses with splashes of khaki and military style belts to match.

Speaking of sparkles, it is interesting to note that as they re-enter the fashion scene this year, their best representative is the sequins. Nevertheless, the use of sequins remains generally limited, with their presence being more complimentary to other designs cues rather than a focal point. In order to underscore their presence on your shirt this season, they should be topped by denim jackets. Denim is a mainstay of the fashion industry and fluctuates in its popular use by the main fashion houses on a yearly basis.

demin over sequinsTailored tuxedos are also making a comeback this year. Just like the relaxed military styles, the emerging tuxedos for women is spin off from male oriented designs. Androgyny appears to be an emphasis for some fashion designers this year such that what has been traditionally male-dominated attire is now being promoted for use by the fashion-conscious woman.

Additionally, there is an obviously growing emphasis on clothing styles belonging to the 60s and the 70s, especially during the spring season. Given this, the use of a tuxedo suit has to be more glamorous than what one might envision. In order to achieve the need for more style in the suit, sequined touches and patterns have been showcased even as the chic and block versions remain highly popular.

a gypsy style floral dressIn line with the emphasis on 60s-70s clothing, flower power is likewise staging a grand comeback. This connects well with a growing trend for bohemain and gypsy influenced fashion especially relating to maxi dresses and festival fashion. Boho labels like Stevie May, Spell Designs, Free People and Arnhem Clothing are all getting in on the colourful and vibrant theme with their 2015 range. The general recommendation from fashion experts is to settle for a single outstanding floral design and taper this off by pairing it with a milder piece of clothing. Bohemian fashionistas are able to search through all the latest designs in gypsy and bohemian dresses here.

A date with history in the fashion world is evidently going to last at least for the rest of autumn as beaded skirts are also finding their way back onto the scene. Complementing these are organza capes with heavy glints, both of which date back to the Romanticism period.

For the upcoming winter season, the emphasis on androgynous and military attire at one end of the spectrum, and overt femininity at the other seems likely. Things will surely shift as the colder months pass, and spring fashion comes into play, and we’re just as excited as you are to see what all of our talented designers will come up with next!

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