What’s Trending In Fashion For 2017

The year 2017 promises to be an exciting year for the fashion industry. New trends are being formed, and old trends are making a comeback. The fast-approaching Valentine’s Day is a big day for fashion. There is what will be sported by lovers as they celebrate the day. In this light, the Freedom State is an ideal choice. It offers products that are suited for all the urban and fashion conscious people of the world.

2017 Fashion Trends


Chakra NecklaceThis line of products presents an exciting array of products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Freedom State is famous for their beaded jewels that come in gold and sterling silver. This year, the products have been improved in quality and expanded in variety. Now, there are many more different ways available for lovers.

For some years now, Chakra Necklaces from The Freedom State have been a favourite fashion accessory for Valentine’s Day. This year, they have been boosted by the addition of Chakra Bracelets. The advantage of these is that the two can now be bought and worn to match. Matching them gives the wearer a luxurious and classy look.

Fashion, like history, repeats itself. This statement is seen as true from the popularity of Vanessa Mooney Chockers. These were the vogue in the 90s, but now they are back in the stores. They give the wearer a feel of class just what is needed for valentines. This fashion house, cognizant of the chic trends that are currently the vogue, has gone out of its way to provide these chokers for customers who love 90s chic.


The clothing collection consists of what is fashionable for all seasons. The return of the90’s fashion is not only in the jewellery; it is also in the denim. To cater for those who love these styles, the Freedom State offers all customers the freedom of choice.

There are high-waist Levi’s jeans and oversized denim jackets christened boyfriend. To cap it all, the store has for its shopper’s velvet bodysuits they are perfect for sports and for other forms of leisure. The summer collection has in it a fair bit of gypsy influence. The clothes therein are designed not only for beauty but also for freedom.

Winter does not have to be a fashion desert. Bomber jackets that keep the wearers warm are available in print, satin, floral or embroidered. These different prints give the buyer a variety to pick from.


Straw HatsThe store offers a variety of hats. These include straw hats. Straw hats are increasing in popularity. They are specially made for use on the beach. There are other head clothes like women’s head scarfs that are specifically designed to accentuate the beauty of the clothes worn. Knit headbands are also available in many colours.

While there is a wide variety of clothes in this fashion line, many of the items are designed for the fun-loving. The company offers free shipping on all purchases of over $100 in the domestic market. It stocks clothing that is within its line of specialty from different designers including the Bandit Brand, Boheme Australia, Free People and many more. The decision on what will get into the store is determined by how high on the ethereal scale the item of clothing goes. The apparel range gives fashion choices to the bold and the sensitive.

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